How can i Text on Mesh BABYLONJS V5

I want to print the text value entered in the input to the mesh
with a click event

but ı wanna do it on BabylonJS5

Hello! For input you can use our GUI system: The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation ( and for printing text in a texture the DynamicTexture is a good option: Dynamic Textures | Babylon.js Documentation (

If you mean that you want to click the mesh and have the text appear on the mesh where you clicked then decals may be useful, but you will need a material for each decal with text as texture.
Decals | Babylon.js Documentation (
Otherwise maybe share more details as it’s not 100% clear to me what you are trying to achieve. Cheers.

for example ı have a mesh like a wall and ı wanna text on wall
I will take the text I will write from the input
ı clıck the button and ı will write input’s text on the wall
and ı use the babylon5-babylın/core library
DynamicTexturelike this

I think you can accomplish that entirely with the links from Carol. The GUI in @babylonjs/gui has an input text control if you want the input done within the scene. If you are having issues perhaps you can share a playground - maybe starting with one of the DynamicTexture examples linked above.

The playgrounds use BABYLON.DynamicTexture, but you can import and use just DynamicTexture from @babylonjs/core in your project, if that is your 2nd question.

Hope that helps
edit: removed acronym!

Hello @Knifepro just checking in, was your question answered?