How does the skybox blend with scene.fog?

Setting skybox.applyFog = false make the skybox without any effect in fog scene, when skybox enable applyFog that make fog blocking the skybox.
How to blend with fog more naturally? Just like the picture below

Your scene looks stunning !!! I want to play this game !!!

On another not I guess you would need some kind of volumetric fog in your case ? could you repro even with something way more abstract and less beautiful in the Playground ?

It depends on your scene and expectations. Per the docs, the default fog mode is exponential. One option might be to change the fogDensity. Here is the default PG fog example modified slightly to use a lower density:

If that’s not sufficient, then another option might be to switch to FOGMODE_LINEAR and dynamically adjust the start/end as needed. Here’s a quick PG example:

If the built-in fog effect is not sufficient, then might have to start looking in to more advanced volumetric or particle based effects, like this:

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Man! I want to play your game!