How to make such a fog effect?

Hey~All,This scene is really good. This fog is really suitable for such scenes.
So how to make such a fog effect ?

From: Interface interactive

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hey @musk,
isn’t this the ‘normal’ distance fog effect with a white color? I think they used like scene.fogStart to keep the house ‘unfoggy’ and let it start at a certain distance.


From here:


I am not sure that fog is used here.
One may have a look at the source code of .js files at - Eiffage - Hyperion (it is different page from iframe).


I believe the stunning project you linked is the work of @Vinc3r, who is active on these forums :slight_smile: Maybe they can give us some pointers on how they created the effect!

From looking at the source code that @labris linked, you can see that the scene reference is held in _r.scene. A quick invocation of console.log reveals:

You can also adjust the fog parameters using the console and see how it changes the visuals.


Thank you guys. I think I learned this. :grinning:
@Vinc3r It’s really a great work. Every time you open it, you can always learn something new.


@DarraghBurke get it, we are just using fog in this scene, and also a white ground with gradient to the sky for our skybox.

fogColor: white, fogMode: 3, fogStart: 150, fogEnd: 180