How I can show/hide part of glb file?

Hi there!
Currently I have glb file with avatar and clothes on it. Can I add functionality to hide/show avatar?
Or is there any way how I can do it? thanks!
I use babylon-react.

Hi Yulian_Terletskyi,

Welcome to Babylon! Paging doctor @brianzinn, who I think is the #1 expert on the babylon-react binding.

hi Yulian,

I’m in Mexico - should be at a computer in 36 hours or so. The callback when the mesh is loaded can be used. If you are using the <Model /> component the useRef hook works (or the callback - see below). If you are using the useSceneLoader hook then you can add refs yourself from what is returned or in that callback (or in the Model component callback). An example using the onModelLoaded callback is here:
create-react-app-babylonjs/withModel.js at master · brianzinn/create-react-app-babylonjs (

If you have more specific ask then I can make a code sandbox.

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Hello @Yulian_Terletskyi just checking in, was your question answered?