How it is implemented?


I came across an awesome site Plan Maison 3D Gratuit - Créez votre Plan 3D simplement | Kozikaza
I thought it cannot be implemented without BabylonJS. When I inspected, yes. It is powered by BabylonJS.

The Drawing part (Mouse events, drawing walls, showing angles between lines etc) on 2D mode is amazing. Any idea whether this 2D mode is also implemented using BabylonJS or it is implemented using some other library?

Why I am asking is, I don’t see any such kind of samples on Babylon.

Thanks in advance.

Well perhaps you can try to ping them on Twitter. They did such a great job

They may not tell how they implemented it. :neutral_face:

Well sure. But they are the only one to know:)

I don’t understand the question. It is Wanadev that implemented WebGL and chose Babylon.js as the WebGL framework. And there are two integration.js file which are easily read if you want to spend a few hours on the specifics.

I am, however, impressed by the time they spent writing all this code… and very well also.


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