How to access these parameters via script in the NME Material?

How to access theses parameters in the material in the script?

nodeMaterial.directIntensity = 0.05;
nodeMaterial.environmentIntensity = 6;

This doesnt have any effect on the NME Material.

Please advice.
Thank you.
Best. Werner

Funny that you ask this today, because since yesterday, I added a new feature which enables the user to copy to clipboard the JS command binded to a param of the Inspector :smiley: . For now it’s not available yet for the NME, only the Scene Inspector. (See demo video on post 10)

I guess you are interested to have it on NME side, then ? :stuck_out_tongue:


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I found it by getting the Block :slight_smile:

let PBR = nodeMaterial.getBlockByName("PBRMetallicRoughness");
        PBR.directIntensity = 0.05;
        PBR.environmentIntensity = 6;
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Oh wow, thats so cool.
love that!
Best. Werner