How to add more than 4 lights in gltf model

My gltf model has more than 50 lights but can only load up to 4 lights in the scene, I refer to this example:

But this method doesn’t seem to be able to be used in the gltf model

The amount of lights in a scene will be limited by the amount of Uniform Buffer Objects that can be processed by the shader: Uniform Buffer Object - OpenGL Wiki (, but I think that should be more than 4. I’m not sure if GLTF itself has some kind of limitation on the number of lights @bghgary is there any?

The number of lights available actually is defined at
material.maxSimultaneousLights = 16; // 4 by default

So you need to choose which materials will have more lights, then test performance. With 50 lights browser may crash. Usually when there is a lot of lights in the scene one may use some logic to reduce the number of active lights (for example, making them dynamically change their placement depending on conditions).


glTF has no limitations on the number of lights.

Thanks for your answer, I know what you mean but this API cannot work in the gltf models,I find gltf models’ light’s attribute not belong to the material node. so It seem that I can’t achieves it by this way. Arguably, it will be find at KHR_lights | Babylon.js Documentation (