How to change the SkyMaterial color?

I am using the SkyMaterial as the background for my scene. Because I am creating a customizable scenario, I want to give users the possibility to change the scene settings such as the sky color (say they want to create an alien world background setting). So how would I go about changing the sky color to be something dynamic ? I see many options to change luminance, turbidity, etc in this playground, but not to change the color:

As a bonus question, is there a possibility of having several suns ? Like on Tatooine in Star Wars :wink: since we have the Jedi theme in this forum, I’m guessing someone must have considered / created something of the sort :slight_smile:

Hi @ti0. The sky color question was asked recently and one solution provided here Sky Material Questions

In regards to 2 suns, I think you’d need to modify the shader or superimpose a second sun disc or possibly blend 2 sky materials.


Making my project for this month something about Tatooine. I lacked ideas :smile:

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this worked awesomely for me! thanks, I didn’t look before asking :see_no_evil: