How to combine different images and apply as one texture to the material

I has different images of eyebrows, beard and face mask, and I want to combine the images and apply as a single texture to the material

beard image:

eyebrows image:

Final face mask output I want:

You could use a ShaderMaterial or NodeMaterial.

Thank you so your suggestion,
Can i get any Reference PG with that ?

What Photo-Editor do you use? You can combine different parts of the images in Photoshop or Gimp,

Here is a layer I made from your images above

I can provide the beard/eyebrows image if you want as a .png image with no background.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

One possible way: Babylon.js Node Material Editor (


See, that’s typically the kind of nice very simple example I would have wanted to have at hand when I started (with pain) to try learn about NME.


That’s good feedback mawa, thanks! @PirateJC we could have a section of NME examples in the doc, organized by complexity level, what do you think? :thinking: