How to create random seamless textures

Anyone know how I can create random textures for my characters that are seamless? I think I remeber a PG where users can draw on a sphere that uses a dynamic texture. I’m thinking that I might be able to modify that for what I need. Please let me know if you have a link to that or if you have a better idea. Thanks

I remember this PG, but I’m not sure the textures were seamless.

Naive approach :

  • don’t draw anything near the edges of your square, so it will match the next tile
  • if you still want to draw something on the edge pixels, then repeat the same pattern on the symetric pixels of the opposite edge
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Good mornin’, Adam and Jerome. I have a couple paint-on-texture urls nearby… here, and here. It’s unlikely that they are the newest in their playground “series”. These are some “older” playgrounds.

Let’s throw-in a shader-based reflection texture, too (the fake chrome from CYOS editor).

Can I ask: Skin/hide? Clothing/uniforms?

Sounds like a “pattern generator”. Cool.

Jerome… did you do some dynamic fractals, once? That was a heightMap and not a texture, right?

Those (base)Texture samplingMode and coordinatesMode/Index properties/statics… might be important. Clamp/Wrap/Mirror AddressModes (for texture wraps) might be pertinent, too. shrug

Adam, can you share your sharable experiments, if/when you make some? (thx).

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Thanks Jerome and Wingnut. I think this PG will be useful:

Yes, I’ll post some experiments here sometime later this week. Thanks!