How to delete the PG i created


I have two questions

  1. can i delete any PG that i created or want to disable the public access ?
    Ex: /#JHRF6T#418

  2. Once i create any PG how long it will be available ?


i think that is not possible

we never delete any playgrounds, let me add @RaananW to see if he can do smthg for it after his summer break.

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It can be difficult to remove.
Of course, there will be some rules and things that will be broken.
There are no conditions on the creation and storage of that PG.
That means you can’t prove it.

Once its been added to the Playground its there forever!

However, if you don’t post a public link the the PG in a forum thread (like this one)… and go back and edit your past forum posts that link to it to remove the link… It likely will disappear in the sea of playground goodness, and no one will pay it any mind.

Note, if you have access to the Amazon instance (which I assume is your worry as the rest of the code is fairly standard), you can always just rename or move the file.


That would be my recommendation as well.

The playground is an immutable source of code that can be shared and is stored on the snippet server. We don’t remove playgrounds (and especially can’t remove a specific version of a playground), due to the way the snippet server is implemented.

Apart from the actual model I don’t see any sensitive data in this code, so I would simply suggest you to change the URL of the model. Unless I am missing something?

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