3d space with room

hello everyone .
I want to create a 3d art gallery where multiple persons will come and interact with themselves with chat .Before starting the project , I want to confirm the following points and project flow …

1 Login registration form
2 multiplayer system
3. character selection
4. video screen
5 . Logout page

this is my project flow . Please suggest me if any step above is not possible in babylonjs or any other alterantive for that

some live examples would be a great help

Hi and welcome to the community,
It’s a good time to start with this sort of project and there are already a number of projects, achievements and demos available today.
I believe @nasimiasl would be able to give you good insight for this. He’s got a project of a metaverse in progress
There are in truth some amazing things that have been featured lately using BJS, such as this
And then, there’s also the bublr project from @metafred
I believe all steps are indeed possible to use with BJS. I believe the log-in and out would be best done outside of BJS. I am not sure what the ‘video screen’ is but you can sure have videos in BJS.
And then, I am sure @labris can also give you some good tips for the multiplayer part and interacting in the environment. He’s among the pioneers who did that. Will you? Thanks,

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Regarding multiplayer one of the simplest solutions is to use Colyseus.
There is a good tutorial in Babylon Docs - Real-time Multiplayer with Colyseus | Babylon.js Documentation
(but the example itself stops to work)
Also, there is another even better Colyseus bolierplate which one may use freely - GitHub - BabylonJSGames/BabylonJS-Platformer-Game-Prototype: A 3d platformer browser game prototype made with the BabylonJS framework written in TypeScript.
It has the most basic interactions already written, which could be of a great help, especially for beginners.


Hey Andreson

To my point of view, only 3 and 4 would be done inside BJS.
BJS is “just” the 3d engine.
1- you need to build a front + backend to deal with that. they are multiple solution for that. maybe even no-code.
2- at Bublr, we use photonengine.com. you can start with a free plan, and it comes with a fully functional chat! (but it doesnt keep history)
3- you need to code that in BJS. i don’t think there is something premade for that
4- you want to play a video? or you are talking about screensharing? both can be done in BJS. the first one being easier than the second one.
5- same as 1

What’s the aim of your plateform? A fun side project? A business opportinity?
Maybe you want to check out what we’ve done here: Bublr