How to Export GLB/GLTF with Animated Lights (Maya Plugin)

Hey everyone, this is my first post. Nice to be here!

I have a client requesting me to create him an animated LED light that changes colors, then export to GLB/GLTF to be used on Shopify. Honestly, I have no clue where to begin. Of course I can bake out the light to a texture for a static model, but how would I go about baking the animated color changes then exporting to GLB/GLTF?

Any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi guys,
GlTF 2.0 do not support animation other than skin and morph. Next version will allow arbitrary properties such material color, emissive scale…etc
In the mean time I beleive you need to relay on local script to do so ( if available)

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Hey, and thanks for the quick replies!

Hmm, I’m surprised a bit there’s no way to do it natively. @Guillaume_Pelletier if I were to find such script, where would it be?

this is according to the GLTF anim specifications
The script will depend on the viewer used on the shopify (which plugin). And also you need to verify that this viewer is support animation…
If animation is supported, another idea could be to use led model with different materials and sharing the same pivot point. then morph the scale from 0 to 1 every N frames to make the led changing color (only preset color could be viewed).
You may also build your own plugin with Babylon JS :slight_smile:

@Guillaume_Pelletier Lol well, I’m certainly not a programmer, but thanks for the idea anyway :slight_smile: However, your morphing idea is intriguing. I did think about that actually, just keyframing the opacity slider in Maya with 3-4 different objects with different colors baked into them. I might have to experiment and go that route.


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Hi Andy,
Can you give more details about the method you used for the integration of Babylon.js library to Shopify theme? I just need a bit of help to start bulding my store but anything I tried so far didn’t work. There is no documentation about it