How to export multiple animation groups from Maya?

This may be very simple but I can’t find what I need on the internet. I want to define multiple animations in Maya and export them all at once and have them in different AnimationGroups in glTF. I’ve tried making different compositions, different animation clips in the time editor in maya but they always export as one Animation Group - “All Animations”. What must I do to have different animation groups in one file? I want to do this so I don’t have to load every animation from a different file which will include a very big rig. This will speed up load time significantly and will be easier to work with.

Hello! Moved this to #content-creation since it’s more about Maya if I’m understanding correctly :slight_smile: @PatrickRyan will be the best person to answer but please be patient as he’s OOF~

@Antonio_Milev, if you want to separate your Maya timeline into multiple animation groups, you simply need to define the groups and the frame ranges for each group in the animation groups window. You can find this under the Babylon menu in Maya and there is full documentation on exporting animation groups from Maya. Simply hit the create button to make a new animation group, give it a name, add start and end frames and press the confirm button. Do this for each group you want to make. You can also click on any existing group to change the name or frame range or delete a group you no longer want. I hope this unblocks you, but please ping back with any other questions you may have.