Maya scene with animations exporting to gltf with broken animation when animation groups are enabled

I am trying to export a maya scene to gltf. It has about 700 frames of 6 different animations. Two of the animations cover a larger part of the timeline and are having most of the issues in the export.

The Animations export just fine without any animation groups enabled. But the animation goes wacky when exported with animation groups.

As far as I can figure out, the animation groups have a problem with objects in the scene which scale up to become visible. For example I have an object that I scale up from a value of 0.02. The objects stays at scale ‘1’ for a number of animation groups and then goes back to 0.02 (It’s hidden state).

When I scale upto a value of ‘1.02’ instead of ‘1’ it exports differently, with more of the animation groups exporting properly than before. But it doesn’t completely solve the problem as some animation groups are not playing as they are supposed to with missing keys or keys out of place.

Ping @Drigax our own exporter guru :wink: