How to get MeshByName from assetContainer

I have loaded all glbs into on conatiner the LoadAssetContainer, now i want to few meshes by name to the scene

how to query assetContainer Meshes by name

There are no functions to do that as the goal is to instantiate in a scene before manipulations.

You could nevertheless probably do it through the asset container .meshes array

here is my scenarios, please guide what is the approach

i have set of glb, i would like to add to container with out adding to scene, based on the config i want to add some of meshes to the scene. please let me know how to do it

So you load them all separately with loadAssetContainerAsync which gives you a set of assetContainers on per glb and then you use the one you need to add to your scene.

How to pick a mesh from container to add to scene,

let entries = container.instantiateModelsToScene(); is working

but when i do scene.addMesh("") is not working

Yup you should use instantiateModelsToScene or addAllToScene, and not try to manually do it.

when i call instantiateModelsToScene , it is add all the meshes, i need to add few meshes only in the container

Yup it would be all of them, as it is hard to keep track of all the relation ships and so on. But is is still scoped to only one glb