How to give bounding box and rotation values for a reflection texture in Babylon node editor

Im trying to give custom bounding box values and rotation for reflection texture. can anyone guide me what needs to be done…

He is a link for the material node

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Regarding the rotation, I guess you can rotate the world normal before passing it to the Reflection block:

I don’t understand what you want to achieve with the bounding box?

what we what is for reflections cubic texture if we are not giving bounding box the reflection texture is becoming too big and is giving illusion that it is moving with the camera so if we set the bounding boxes then it might stay still and will be up to the scale…

Correct me if i’m wrong…

No, the cubic reflection method is using a direction to sample the cube, it is not linked to mesh bounding boxes.

I may misunderstand what you say, maybe a PG would help here?