How to implement ReflectionProbes?

Hi, I need help on ReflectionProbes. I have two models connected like 90 degrees (like wall and floor). I tried to get reflection of the wall on the floor, But the reflection couldn’t happen. Just get the floor color change only (I don’t get the source of the color though).
Is it possible to use ReflectionProbes in such scenario?
Is the reflection output of ReflectionProbes smaller or larger compare to the actual model?
Is it possible to adjust the size and position of reflection?

I hope my questions are clear. This ( is the sample I was trying to follow. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if it will help but here is the “wall” with its texture reflected on the floor -

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Hi @labris Thanks for your fast reply.
I get the wall reflection on the floor using mirror (line #57 - mirror.material.reflectionTexture.renderList = [greenSphere, yellowSphere, blueSphere, knot]). But my team assign me to investigate how to implement ReflectionProbes on the floor (like you did for the spheres) and get the reflection of the wall on the floor. I wan know, is that possible/logical to use reflection probes for such scenario? In case, what I need is not clear, let me try to change/play on your playground and can share the link. thank you.

As you see, it is possible -

@labris Please look at this -
I comment out all lines related to ReflectionProbe and still get the reflection of wall on the floor. From this what I understand is, the reflection is generated because of the mirror plane. Correct me if I am wrong, I thought that I can use ReflectionProbe in place of mirror plane/texture by itself to generate reflection like mirror. that is all my intention. :frowning:

Here is the example with PBR materials with no mirror -
And with plane mirror -


Maybe Screen Space Reflection is an option for you:

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Hey, @labris first of all thank you for all your replies. I came back with sample playground (Babylon.js Playground) I prepared to make it clear what I need. Let me know if it needs more clarification. :slight_smile:

On the playground, I use StandardMaterial with ReflectionProbe to display reflection of the sphere on the ground. And what I need is to put the sphere on the surface of ground and wan to see the reflection. But when I do that the reflection couldn’t happen. I was thinking to give a ground position to StandardMaterial or ReflectionProbe but that doesn’t work for me.

And also, I m not sure if it is going to be solved when the distance between sphere and reflection reduced, but I have a concern about the reflection size compare to the actual sphere.

thank you in advance.