How to make clothes grow naturally?
This is the highlight effect I want to achieve finally. At the same time, I also want to stretch the clothes. For example, the length of the clothes is 165cm. I want to make them 175cm clothes, and the clothes are not that strange deformation. I know blender is easy to achieve, but I want to achieve it in babylon.js

You might try changing the scale. Key to that would be where the origin of the mesh is. To grow a shirt longer, it would have to be at the top, in the center.

Another would be a shape key(s) which are set to the max. More complex, but better control.

You could either try:

  • different mesh versions
  • morph targets
  • and on tiny changes just scaling I guess

But I am no artist so you ll probably have better answers soon :slight_smile:

Hmmm. IF… only the bottom hem-line was to be “let out”… then maybe Xiao could somehow locate/gather the positionKind data for the bottom-hem verts ONLY. THEN… generate ribbon(s)… with the first add-on ribbon using hemline verts as its “path A”… and then maybe a slightly modified path A as path B.

That add-on ribbon could be any “height”… so precision length-adjusting (ribbon width)… can do.

Essentially, it would be adding strips of cloth… to the bottom of the previous garment (front and back mesh). The ribbons would be parented-onto the original garment, but not mesh-merged.

I wonder if we would see a seam-line… where “extension ribbon(s)” meet original garment. More likely… we would see specular light-shine or other material properties… get wonky… above/below the seam. Careful aiming of normals on the ribbon… would help. UV’s on the ribbons… I don’t even want to think about it. heh. Makes my brain hurt.

I love the idea and maybe they could be separate meshes from the model stitch together in the model ? so that you just display hide depending on the desired size.

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Shirts and skirts and tubular things… might work. I hope we don’t have to do pants. :slight_smile: The crotch area… phew. Wireframe version with increased wheelPrecision… here. Maybe what? 120-150 verts along the bottom edge/hem. hmm.

PS: Xiao - congrats and nice job on the GitHub setup and garment publishing… for playground-making.