How to make glow transparent effect

I want to make this model here Playground glow blue like this building

Three things here. First, you should preferably used the highlight to make your glow on outline meshes (such as the windows).
Then, to get transparency, change the transparencyMode and alphaMode of your meshes.
Last, use an emissiveColor that is the same as your glow layer or highlight layer emissive (this will help with integration between the mesh color and the glow.
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Edit: Just quickly edited my PG with the alphaIndex to order transparency.

Thank you so much for your assistance

No worries. Just for the fun of it (because it is fun to do :smiley:), I quickly went back to make some fixes and found a couple of things you should change in your mesh for best result.

Your ‘window’ mesh (building_primitive2) is cutting out the structure of the ‘window structure’ mesh (building_primitive0). With the transparency and blending mode, this results in a difference in colors because there is nothing behind this part. You should use just one plain mesh for your window transparency. It will give a better result.

Also, you should set all of your albedoColor to the same or close than the emissive.
Finally, all that is walls should not have the glow or highlight and should also have a lower alpha.
You should also separate the parts that are plain walls from the structure/outline, so that you can properly set the fx and color independantly (outline and structure with glow, plain walls or window backgrounds without glow, low alpha and unset transparencyMode).

I’ll let you play along with this and I hope it helped.

Sidenote: Your project looks fun. Have a great day :sunglasses:

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Your results look great! :open_mouth: :heart:

Final version for me. Reinstated the floor and fixed all transparency order issues.
Now it’s all yours to do :grinning: There are the parts that need to be fixed on the meshes and then, there’s of course the art direction.
I’m eager to see what you will come up with. Please cc me when you share your result.

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