How to move a mesh towards vector points in an array in sequence

Hi guys,

Can someone please help with some issues I’m having? Basically, I need to move a mesh towards vector points in an array in sequence. I managed to reproduce the issue in the playground, code below.

I’m able to move the mesh to the first vector point in the array but then it teleports to the rest of the vector points once the first vector point is reached.

From what I know about physics, you can not really merge manually moving + having a physics enable object at the same time as both info will give contradictory inputs to the overall system:

cc @Cedric to confirm

You may have issues with physics impostor when changing orientation/position and interacting with other impostors. This said, it should be no problem here. I guess the interpolation code is still wrong but it interpolates from 0,0,0 to the destination points:

Thanks, guys, these examples are a great starting point for me to investigate further, really appreciate it.

@sebavan What would be the best approach to achieving this type of animation?

@Cedric I will try a different approach using your code and keep you posted, thanks again!

Maybe this : ACE - The Animation Curve Editor | Babylon.js Documentation ?

@sebavan I also think Animation Curve Editor should solve the issue but I was thinking of switching to Path3D for easy integration (blender to BJS), what’s your thought? See an example link below.

What’s the best way to bring blender paths, lines and curves to BJS using the exporter?

@JCPalmer is the brilliant mind behind the exporter. I do unfortunately not know Blender enough to understand our limits.

Non-mesh stuff is not currently exported. I have not looked at how the Blender API lines up to .babylon format.

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@JCPalmer Apologies for the late response, no worries. I think I will go with Animation Curve Editor as I believe it can do the job. Will keep everyone posted, many thanks to everyone that helped.

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