How to prevent runRenderLoop to render scene when user does not interact in the scene and the scene is static

I have a scene that is quite static. So basically there is no animation or whatsoever when the the user is not interacting with it. But the runRenderLoop is getting executed at 60 FPS when there is no user interaction. I do not want the same scene to be rendered again and again, which I think reduces the battery usage of the device. I want to prevent the scene from rendering when the previously rendered scene and the current scene are the same.

This should help On-demand rendering solution broken since 5.29 - #6 by PolygonalSun


Well, tbh I only need the scene to render when the user moves the camera and does some interaction with the mouse (e.g clicks on the mesh). I think this solution also will not work for the UniversalCamera situation

Hi, you can try this

camera.onViewMatrixChangedObservable.add(() => {

long version…
Create a boolean and make it true inside pointer functions and insinde above function, and in renderLoop check if this variable is true, and only then call scene.render()


Is there any way to compare the previous scene and the new scene and then prevent the scene to render if the two scenes have same attributes

You can serialize the scene and compare the json, but again this is not the solution. You may want to do this on save to avoid ‘excesive’ save request, and even there is not to good to serialize the entire scene, instead you can create a json only with the atributes you want to store.

I made a pg, check the console