How to publish on InstantGames'?

:sweat_smile: I have looked the facebook developers tutorials but apparently I am omitting something and I have not succeeded. Regards :

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@aFalcon did it before I belive.

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Welcome @Luis_Mb,

FB and Amaz0n were our favorite walled~garden platforms. We went with PWA.

We decided to advertise on FB and point to our own domain. PLAYNOW.

BUT, I think that REVIEW was done BEFORE: Instant Games (HTML5).

So I took a quick look. Here are my MAIN POINTS:

  • FB has many things to “omit”. Very little “omission” in PWA. : )

  • Instant Games might be a PWA similar, or compatible (eventually).

  • Looks like a good market with Groups and Lite.

  • LINK on GROWTH of INSTANT GAMES (impressive):
    Instant Games Boasts 20 Billion Game Sessions: What’s all the Fuss About? - Innovecs Games

  • LINK on Business Insiders take: Facebook's latest moves boosting consumer adoption of Instant Games - Business Insider

  • Key Quotes:

  • " despite the popularity of mobile apps, most users are unwilling to download anything new , with 51 percent of smartphone users downloading zero new apps each month." What Is the ROI of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)? - Blog

  • “switch and rely on the Instant Games platform.”

  • “overstuffed with extraneous features”

  • " decluttering the app"

  • “When you really break down the differences between PWAs … it comes down to distribution channels.”

  • “PWA is instant engagement”. A new seamlessness for the user experience.

  • “Native app usage has concentrated around about 10 apps, mostly social media and almost all are owned by Facebook.”

  • “there is more and trust me it makes the web look like an amazing option for any business to select.” Progressive Web Apps VS Native Apps - Why PWAs Win

  • “We plan to compete across platforms with a single web app.”

  • It’s a jungle out there! : )

    So, yes, too much to omit, that’s why PWA.

    Still looks promising. We will look again in 6mos to gain traction.

    Directing traffic to PWA (which seems our best option, because: cross-platform). : )

    Pls share: DETAILS, LINKS, PROGRESS, thx.

:eagle: : )

I have added the instant games SDK to index of game and too i have added a file config.json upload versión to playcanvas but loader screen not run

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