How to use abstract hand to click move rotate and scale mesh with Hololens2

How to use abstract hand to click move rotate and scale mesh with Hololens2?

You can use the gizmos offered by babylon - the support hand input:

Otherwise - you can always develop the experience yourself using pointer events that are provided to you with any controller

I still have 3 questions.

1.I tried gismoz in Hololens. I can use the ray from my hand to operate mesh.
But when I drag the axis of gizmos, the teleportation also works. This will creates confusion.

2.I can only see the ray from my hand but not abstract hand mesh.Is there any settings to show abstract hand mesh.

3.Immersive AR sessions are (currently) supported on two types of devices - mobile phones and Firefox reality on the HoloLens. I can’t found the Firefox reality on app store in Hololens2.

you can disable teleportation, which makes sense in an ar application. it’s a flag that can be passed to the initialization of the default xr experience helper

Not quite sure what you mean - you want to see the hand meshes?

The native edge browser of hololens 2 is the best way to consume ar-experiences on the hololens. firefox reality is no longer actively implemented.

1.Do you mean the best way of moving from one place to the other is to actually move myself in ar application and don’t use teleportation?

2.In my project on HTC cosmos, the view of headset in HTC cosmos contains the hand meshes and I used the hand meshes to achieve some function. So I want to show hand meshes on Hololens.

I wouldn’t recommend using teleportation in AR - AR should be unbounded - the user can freely move around. Of course, you can disable teleportation if the gizmo is being interacted with and continue using teleportation, it’s up to you and your use case.

Hands should be shown in hololens if the hands feature is enabled.

1.When I enable HAND_TRACKING feature in ar mode, I get error when enter ar mode. The error is Failed to execute ‘requestSession’ on ‘XRSystem’:The session request contains invalid requiredFeatures and could not be fullfilled.

xr.baseExperience.featuresManager.enableFeature(BABYLON.WebXRFeatureName.HAND_TRACKING, “latest”, {
xrInput: xr.input,

2.When I use highlight in ar mode, the highlight mesh will cause moving track. But in vr mode, the highlight is OK.

what device are you using for AR? this device doesn’t seem to support hand tracking (at least not in WebXR).

Not sure what you mean here, sorry

1.Device is Hololens2.

2.When I use highlight in ar mode, move the headset to change position of camera, the highlight mesh will generate black shadow.

Want to share a playground so I know we are talking about the same thing?