How to use lightmaps as the only light source

Hi everyone,

I’m doing some architectural modelling in Blender and would like to make an identical model of the work created in blender, in babylon. The blender scene is shown in the picture below:

The plan is to bake the lighting from blender and use the lightmap channel to recreate the scene from blender

However, it seems that my textures/ pbr materials are affected by the light that is present in my babylon scene. More specifically, when changing the environment light from “default” to “studio”, the colors of my textures changes. I have included the two pictures below:

My question is concerning the scene lighting. Is it possible to only use the light that the lightmaps provide? If so, what actions would be needed to take in order to only use the light from the lightmaps in the babylon scene?

You should remove your environment texture as it seems you don’t need it anyway (don’t set scene.environmentTexture). If you have other objects in your scene that need an environment texture, you will need to set it directly on their material (material.reflectionTexture property) instead of setting it at the scene level.