How to use RenderTargetTexture with Aggressive mode

PG: Babylon.js Playground

On the line 3 I have:

  scene.performancePriority = BABYLON.ScenePerformancePriority.Aggressive;

So I only see black circle.

But if I disable aggressive mode I see sphere and instance and black circle.

How does it work in aggressive mode? What I need to change?

In your case you will need an intermediate mode with autoclear on the scene:

You can also skip frustrum culling as the aggressive mode would do. I added it in your playground.


Thanks! But Iā€™m using Aggressive because there are a lot of meshes and I need to freeze it. As well as materials.

Any workaround to achieve it for aggressive mode?

Nope but there will be almost no difference in your case, only the maintainStateBetweenFrames which should not be that costly.

Freeze and so on are all part of the intermediate one.