HTML Page Demo is Broken

The following demo appears broken. After download and execute it’s a blank page. Any ideas or suggestions? I don’t see any dependent variables that need changing.

The PG is using the fact that there is a div container with id “canvasZone” around the main canvas, which is specific to the Playground site.

You can fix the problem in the downloaded page by adding this div manually:

    <div id="canvasZone">
    <canvas id="renderCanvas"></canvas>

around line 41.


Nice! that worked thanks. Now that I know, i will check some other demos that didn’t work either, when I downloaded them. Maybe the problem is similar. I’m a little surprised that the PG team didn’t filter that out, or post a note somewhere conspicuous to explain the potential issue. But thanks for the assist.

Tentative PR to add this div automatically:

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Adding the fix above, the page displays only halfway. The other part of the solution is to add the following in the Style section of each program with similar issue:

#canvasZone { width: 100%; height: 100%;}

see this topic: Playing around with canvasZone - #2 by Escobar

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Thanks, this PR will fix it:

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