I can use Babylonjs 5.x.x and the further I am from a mesh, the lower the quality of the mesh and the loss of images on it

I can use a free camera and my angle and distance to the mesh slowly erases the image on the mesh
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Can i use any documentation
Anyone have a suggestion?

first image camera away from mesh
second image camera close to mesh

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I guess you are suffering from the sampling problem, as far as I know there is no good way to deal with it. But you can try to change the samplingMode of the texture, maybe this will helps a little.
Or you can try to controll the camera so it have to be in places / angles without the problem.

I can try everythink for example
defaultPipeline.samples = 4;
or camera’ maxX value or light’s every formul
but ı cant fixed the problem
Could this be related to babylonjs or core?

When you get away from the mesh or turn to some angles, there are little pixels used to show the picture. For example, you may have only 4*4 pixels to show a 2k picture, it’s impossible that 16 pixels is enabled to describe the detail of millions of pixels, so the problem will always happen with any settings. We can only lighten the problem but can’t solve it.
Feel free to point out the errors in my words as I’m not really confident with my words. :grinning:

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If I can find a solution, I will let you know.