Mesh not smooth when it's small

my problems:when the camera goes far and mesh become small, the border or corner will be blink , i don’t know how to fix it,perhaps it’s the question about Sampling(nearest) or about uv,just need help.

Looks like about mipmaps issue, you can try to avoid this with pixel bleeding on your texture around your UV island (using Solidify functionnality of Flaming freebies Photoshop addon for example).

maybe i don’t understand it very well about mipmaps,when i don’t use texture image just with the origin white color ,it’ll also not smooth on the border or corner ,i think it’s sampling from light shadow with wrong mode ?

If you’re disable dynamic shadows, issue goes out?

let me see how to disable it, i just use a hdr to light the mesh, and not set anything about the shadows(i need tolearn what the shadows params will do about the mesh.)

I’ve asked this because you were talking about light shadows in your last message ^^

Is it possible for you to share your mesh file (from Blender/3dsMax/whatever you’re using)?

MODEL:Babylon_Learning/cloth.glb at main · Continue7777/Babylon_Learning · GitHub
HDR:Babylon_Learning/quarry_01_1k.hdr at main · Continue7777/Babylon_Learning · GitHub

i am trying to share a playground later.
playground:Babylon.js Playground
the assert is large,please wait for a moment

OK I see, it’s just an aliasing issue because your mesh have very tiny geometry details.
Even by using MSAA and/or FXAA it seems you can’t fix this, unless by doing a lowpoly version with normal map.

You can easily see this aliasing issue in other engines, here in Unreal:

Setting the anti-aliasing to Epic or Cinematic looks like efficient, but in BJS even by setting 32 samples on MSAA or FXAA it doesn’t work.

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it’s strange that,i can fix it with material.realTimeFiltering = true locally most of time ,but it seems not perfect

you are right, i have checked our model,it’s caused by not sawed the double mesh,i have fixed it ,thanks!