I have a few questions about the Editor and the Editor tutorial and about building a project to use with shared hosting

I have a few questions. I started off following along with the Getting Started documentation and made a scene in the Playground with a cube then exported the scene to glb and uploaded to the server where my website is hosted and then I made a simple index.html that loaded the scene. Awesome but now I have all these ideas for displaying models and data as models and I really just want to make a game so I switch gears and do some searching and fine a tutorial for building up a basic demo. I managed to add some elements like a skybox to make it look like outer space and with very few lines of code I had a space scene with some meshes and materials but I still am not sure if this is right approach so I do some more reading and searching and I find the online editor and then I find the Editor to download and install and I go with that. I followed along with the Editor tutorial and setup the folder structure and saved the two scenes. Now the instructions are to install Yarn and do some exporting to a web-projects folder. I can’t install Yarn! Well forgive me but I’m learning on my own by doing a lot of reading and practicing with what few tutorials I have found for making a game with Babylon Js. I’ve also been through the documentation, and I want to make a game which would require more than one scene so I feel like the editor is the best approach. Do I need to install Yarn? Is there a nice guide for doing so? I have a lot of questions still. I’ll be active in this forum looking for answers. I appreciate all responses and thank you kindly in advance.

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Adding @julien-moreau who is the creator of the editor.

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I managed to find the answer to installing yarn. I found detailed instructions here for checking if node.js is installed and for installing yarn and the other tools. Now I have to pickup where I left off in the tutorial for the Editor. I assume that once I compete the tutorial there will be a build folder produced which will need to be uploaded to my website. I will post some follow up questions later.

I haven’t used the editor yet (basically because I had so far no need for it) but I’m very much interested to hear about your first experience. If you can continue to share… Thanks and GL with your project,