I need to capture the event mesh become pickable

I want to show user some message once the mesh becomes pickable

Do you control the code which sets pickable? If so, putting the message / alert there that might the only way as there was no observable found in either AbstractMesh, or Mesh.

Thanks JCPalmer for your quick response.
Use case i want to convey some message ike press here to customize it But only for meshes which are in picking range, not to those which are outside the range

Technically there is no range for picking itself. It might be too far away from camera to be rendered though. Assuming the meshes are not moving, then it can only change status when either:

  • The camera moves
  • Some property of the mesh is changed.

Think you need to expand on your needs, maybe with a pg. There are just too few words, and they might be using incorrect terminology. This would include the message term.