I want a circular highlight to be made around the mesh

You want to create a circular light when you hover your mouse over a mesh that has nothing.

What should I refer to?

mouse hover befor
스크린샷 2022-07-20 오후 5.37.19

mouse hover after
스크린샷 2022-07-20 오후 5.37.24

Some suggestions

you can use actions for onhover

create a transparent tube or tube with transparent texture to show on hover

you can also look at mesh highlights

or the glowlayer


If I can allow myself, it would be best if you could make a single post for a same topic and have all information in the same post. As far as I recall, initially, you wanted to create a holo effect (I assumed using the 3D GUI). Is this fixed now?, I don’t know…

We are trying to keep the forum somewhat organized. Not to mention you will get faster and more accurate answers if you keep everything from a same issue/question in a single post. Thanks for your understanding and glad to see you here. Please keep with this energy :smiley:

Linked to I want to create a hologram effect


I didn’t know you deleted the previous post
Thank you for your advice! I’ll refer to it.

I didn’t delete the post and BtW posts can only be deleted by the creator.
All I did is to add the link to it so people know it’s related.