I want to input Japanese with input text

I am studying input text.

I want to implement the ability to set my name in inputtext, but I want to enter Japanese in inputtext.
It seems that the IME is not working when typing characters in the input text.

Is it possible to convert characters with IME with inputText?

That’s an interesting issue. We are handling user input different than an input field, but that prevents you from japanese input, as it seems.

pasting the text will work, but IME works differently:


We can investigate that! Want to create an issue on github? reference this conversation in the ticket.

An interesting hack (well, i find it interesting :slight_smile: ) is to have a native input field visible somewhere in the scene. When the user clicks into the input, actually focus on this input fiels, use the native IME, and update the textfield on each keystroke. Not idle, but works:


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I remember @Evgeni_Popov introduced Unicode support recently I wonder how much relevant it is to this subject ?

The issue here is not the support for the language, but support for native IME, which we don’t (as we only work with the keydown/keyup events)


Thank you for suggesting one solution.

I think this is also good, but I really want to input Japanese with just input text.

I raised this issue on github.

I’m a beginner, so if you have any problems with how to write github, please tell me what to correct.

Thank you.

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