Icon like screenshots of 3dmodel

Hi together,

i would like to generate icons directly from a 3d model using. Does anybody has an idea how to achieve this? Iam very new to babylon so i dont know much about it.

Thx for your help.

here you finde an example of what i want to achieve:
something like this but without the measures only the views from top, side and front as a png or jpg based on a textured 3D-model.

The best first step is to read Introduction to Babylon.js Features | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

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You know, fact is BJS is not just exactly a 2D drawing tool. You could use the outline but you would never get all the lines. It would take you ages adjust it all or working it through the texture and in the end, likely you would still have to fix it in (i.e. AI or PSD). I believe you could use the outline or wireframe as a base.
Set the camera to the front, back and side views and make screenshots. These would make for your template, providing a base to draw them in (as I said, appropriate tool of your choice). Of course, my opinion only.
But for me, (having created a few thousands of icons in my carrer … gee am I old :wink:) clean icons are more work than one would think. And this type of icons, I would rather make from 2D vector lines and export as svg. Of course, as always, just my two cents and my ways only.

Edit: Thinking of it just once more, may be you could try a shader (may be based on a toon shader) but I’m afraid it might not give you all the lines you need (or add some you don’t want). Else, you could attempt to go next gen and try collaborate with the AI. It might be worth giving it a try. Shouldn’t take all too much time to run a test. Problem here is most AI would eventually not respect all rules. Particularly those in regards to an exact repro of the object (in terms of size, shapes and everything). I haven’t tried PSD AI yet. I would expect from PSD to at least respect these rules.

thats a good point. I though i should solve all features with babylon, but maybe i should search a vectorisation library to convert the screenshots to svgs, thats a good idea.

Sometimes you forget to think out of the box^^ Thank you guys :slight_smile: