How to add object with Node Material to Image Processing?

Hi everyone!

I create a simple node material and add it to the object. But when I try to use ImageProcessing, I don’t see any changes in my material. I’m guessing this happened because the node material doesn’t know anything about image processing, but I don’t know how to fix it. Any ideas?

PG: Babylon.js Playground

I added a bunch more stuff. Same Result. One thing about image processing is that it does not seem to affect unless it is PBR. I know very little about node. Is that mat PBR?

You are probably going to need to load an environment texture. Still nothing. Here is a scene with a PBR material.

It is Node material that has PBR block inside. I see that it works for PBR, but i need same behavior with the nodeMaterial.

node graph:

Added reflection block to NME and set contrast to 1 and exposure to 0. The material should turn completely black, but it is still red.

You need to use a ImageProcessing block between the + alpha outputs and the FragmentOutput.rgba input.

Yes, I tried to use but didn’t succeed. Maybe I made a mistake?


Updated node tree:


Wow! Thanks a lot!) :metal: :+1: