Images with white backgrounds appear grey in scene with Background material

I’m utilizing a Background material for my Skybox to leverage its unique capabilities, but I’m encountering an issue where images with a white background appear grey instead of pure white.

This issue doesn’t occur with a standard material, where the white areas remain accurately white.

I’ve included screenshots to illustrate the difference between using a standard material versus a Background material for the Skybox. Additionally, I’m customizing my own EnvironmentHelper with specific options to fine-tune the environment’s appearance. Despite these settings, the white parts of images still appear grey.

Is there a way to adjust the images or the Background material settings to achieve the same white appearance as with the standard material?

Any suggestions or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Standard material skybox:

Background material skybox:

Here are the options I’m using for the EnvironmentHelper:

color-fn (fn [color]
           (j/call (j/call color :toLinearSpace srgb-conversions) :scale 3))
options     {:createGround true
             :groundSize 15
             :groundTexture "img/texture/ground/backgroundGround.png"
             :groundColor (color-fn (api.core/color 0.2 0.2 0.3))
             :groundOpacity 0.9
             :enableGroundShadow true
             :groundShadowLevel 0.5
             :enableGroundMirror false
             :groundMirrorSizeRatio 0.3
             :groundMirrorBlurKernel 64
             :groundMirrorAmount 1
             :groundMirrorFresnelWeight 1
             :groundMirrorFallOffDistance 0
             :groundMirrorTextureType 0
             :groundYBias 0.00001
             :createSkybox true
             :skyboxSize 1000
             :skyboxTexture "img/texture/skybox/"
             :skyboxColor (color-fn (api.core/color-rgb 103))
             :backgroundYRotation 0
             :sizeAuto true
             :rootPosition (api.core/v3)
             :setupImageProcessing true
             :environmentTexture "img/texture/environment/environmentSpecular.env"
             :cameraExposure 0.8
             :cameraContrast 1.2
             :toneMappingEnabled true}

Setting texture_material.cameraToneMappingEnabled = false and texture_material.cameraExposure = 1.0 did the trick.