Unwanted effect on some images

Hi all, I’m using @MackeyK24’s Babylon Export Toolkit and I get a weird result,
I indeed have color inverted on some part of the scene no matter what I put, I used to have a big half sphere and I get weird color, I later made a skybox but still I get the weird coloring for that same side of
my scene.

That’s in Unity Editor,
But got this when I export the project

Any Idea about my problem ? I can see that the exported files [textures in this case skybox textures]
are modified with that effect on them !

I will definitely leave this one to @MackeyK24 but it might be an environment texture serialization issue ?

Thanks @sebavan changing the texture to simple cubemap image instead of hdr fixed the issue :wink: !

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Kool you found it

FYI … we he actual six sided skybox images are exported from the cubemap and packer as RGBD to get as much of the hdr ness of the original cubemap as possible when converting from hdr to ldr