Imaginer Ma Ville / Imagine My City

HI everyone,

Today I will present you my last (very big) project (and probably one of my biggest): “Imaginer ma ville” (in French) that you can translate by Imagine my city.

In advance all my apologies for my bad English…

This project is a serious-game, city builder, 3d map explorer and lot of other things :wink:

In this demo you can explore an area of +/- 400km2 in France, but in the final version the tool is designed to render all of the French territory in 3D…

You can zoom in/out with the mollet (and rotate the camera by hold pressed it).

You will notice that in the left menu you have some tools to edit territory… Add buildings, add roads, add “textures”, or remove existing buildings and roads.

You will also notice that all the changes that you done on the territory are visible at any distance of view :slight_smile:

Buildings and roads data come from Open Street Map.

Aerial photos come from the French Geographic Institute (IGN).

Elevation data come from ASTER GDEM provided by NASA.

The engine run with BJS 3.3, no time actually to port it to BJS 4.0.

Actually it’s only working on Desktop (no mobile support) and need a descent CPU (tested on my i7 3770k) a descent GPU, Google chrome ;), and a good internet connection…

You can access to this hosted demo version here:

You can also watch a small video which present the project here: YouTube

Hope you will enjoy :slight_smile:


This isn’t working for me. When I try without an account I get this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘createInstance’ of undefined
at AWGISEngine.GetCarInstance (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at new Car (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at AWGIS.min.js:1
at EventDispatcher.dispatch (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at TrafficManager.AddCar (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at TrafficManager.Update (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at AWGISEngine.Update (AWGIS.min.js:1)
at AWGIS.min.js:1
at AWGISEngine.M._renderLoop (babylon.js:1)


I added playgrounds… everywhere.



EXCELLENT !!! :heart::heart::heart:
Where’s the demo area exactly ?


Are you using Google Chrome? On which OS ?

Your error append probably because the car model don’t load… But I don’t know why…

Did you try to refresh? To wait the load of all visible elements before click on try without account?

The area is located on my little town here : Google Maps

Thx :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile:

Looks like technically hard to do, nice job!

This deserves an entry in our demo section @PirateJC

With pleasure,

Thank you

This rocks! Adding it to the demo page now!

Thank you :smiley:

No need to apologize for your English - probably way way better than my French !

One day maybe I will explore "ASTER GDEM provided by NASA."

Great work.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile: