Importing gltf and glb to Editor are different

We have a gltf model and after imported into Editor, it has some odd shadow and lighting issues. After exporting to glb by blender with the same model and import this glb model into Editor, it looks normal. What is the difference between glb and gltf loader in BabylonJS Editor?

Probably need editor master @julien-moreau help. Thank you!

For the gltf model, when I disable the scene’s SSAO, the lighting issue was resolved. However, we don’t know the root cause of it and disable SSAO is not a good idea for the whole scene.

There should not be any differences, I am guessing Blender is adding extra information you do not have in your source gltf. Would be great if you could share the files so that we could try spotting the diff.

This is the gltf model I was using. You can take a look at it on your side.

cc @bghgary if he can spot smthg

Hi @ZzMarmot !
The editor you use is using Babylon.JS v4.2.1 and I’m pretty sure if you disable SSAO, the problem will disappear.
Negative scales problems have been fixed in Babylon.JS 5 for SSAO and I’m going to release the Editor using this new version of Babylon.JS is that can help :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that disabling SSAO removes the glitch?


Yes. I can confirm that! @julien-moreau