Import models to babylonjs editor issue

hey it’s first time i’m using babylon also babylon.js editor, i wanted to import my 3d models it looks like this.

on my 3d model there is something like black fog around the object, what is that?

i’ve changed the materials but still looks like that

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! What happens if you visualize your models in the Sandbox? Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files (

it’s fine

Hmm, so this might be a specific editor issue. I’ll tag @julien-moreau to take a look when he can.

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sure, thank u

Hi @naonvl, @carolhmj !

Is your scene coming from a GLTF file?

I’m pretty sure this issue is due to the SSAO2 Rendering Pipeline using BabylonJS 4.2.x

This has been fixed in Babylon.JS 5. Please try to disable SSAO in the Editor and tell me if your scene is stil affected by this issue

where is SSAO2 located?

anyway, i disabled backface culling and is it fix now?

but from the outside still looks like this

but that stripe on the wall, is that shadow?

Hi @naonvl !
You can disable SSAO by selecting the scene in the graph panel, select the “Rendering” tab in the inspector and uncheck the “Enabled” property

Also, after disabling SSAO, try to re-enable backface culling

Hello @naonvl just checking in, was your question answered?