Importing image texture on GLB

Hi there, I am having a hard time getting a glb loaded into my scene with 2 materials intact. One material gets applied, but the other, which has an image texture, doesn’t. The glb loads fine in the sandbox, but when I import it into my scene, the image texture is omitted. See attached screenshot and glb.

I tried creating a playground, but I can’t seem to figure out how to load an external glb from my web server to the playground without getting a security error. If anyone can talk me through that issue, I’m happy to create the playground.

31%20PM (23.0 KB)


I was able to create a playground.

Now that i see it in isolation like this, I can see that the second texture is actually getting imported, but for some reason the faces that its rendered on are being positioned well below where they should be. Any ideas what’s going on here? This model looks fine in the sandbox.

const topMesh = newMeshes[0]; (you used [1])

Sandbox Inspector is very useful tool!


Thank you!