ImportMesh brings mesh in mirrored backwards

The mesh is importing mirrored, so the text is flipped backward. This scene was recreated to answer question about shadows, but I’m recreating the scene locally and having the same issue, within ImportMesh.

Referencing this previous thread on generating shadows: ShadowGenerator Blur inside ImportMesh

Is there a method to mirror the mesh in this scene so I can just build on this one to get the shadow effect I want? Or is there something else I need to do with my cameras so its not mirrored in the first place?

Ive created this other scene with append, and its not backward, but then the shadows aren’t working.

In my local scene, I’m just serving up an index.js file. I’ve tired a bunch of different things but I’m looking for the simplest feasible way to fix the issue and I"m not really sure whats generating it. some of the Documentation demos show delayCreateScene, which I can’t seem to use locally.

My first approach would be change scaling of boomBox, while keeping negative scaling, by:

boomBox.scaling.scaleInPlace(50); // replace this with your scaling approach

Due to the fact the text is child of gltf-nodes, another way would be to use right handed system on scene:

scene.useRightHandedSystem = true

But it might get in conflict with your shadows?


Perfect! The scaleInPlace does it. the otherway I was doing it I think is what flipped it around.