In terms of Google Analytics what can I expect?

I have a project that is about to go live and we’re looking at options in Google analytics, I’d like to know if anyone has had experience with this using Babylon and what data I can obtain. As Babylon acts as a SPA I was wondering how well it works with any form of Analytics, and in the future could I extend it to see what puzzles are completed? Or should I just store that as my own Analytics?
Support for:

  • Number of visits (unique sessions)
  • % of new sessions
  • ability to track Directs (where users visited the site from (social, email, other page)
  • Bounce rate (any way to pinpoint from what point in the game the player left the page?)
  • Engagement - track length of session time
  • User Devices (desktop or mobile)
  • User browsers

It sounds like you need to set up GA events: