Inconsistences in GLTF importer and/or Inspector's PBR Material channels labeling

Good morning:

I’ve detected what I think are several inconsistencies with the labels for the PBR channels shown in the Inspector.

Please, see the following screenshot relative to this PG

…and note that it is telling a PBRMaterial has been created.

However, if we scroll down to find that same PBR material channels…

…we can see a Metallic Rougness label there.

The problem is that regarding the docs,…

…it seem that we are messing it all between PBR Material and PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial classes, because Metallic Roughness is from the second and Metallic would be the correct text to show.

Another explanation is that GLTF importer is indeed creating a PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial instead a PBRMaterial one, but then the Albedo and Bump labels would be the ones that are wrong.

Best regards.

In your screenshot, these are only labels, not the actual names of the properties. The table, on the other hand, gives a correspondence between the names of the properties.

The material created by the glTF loader is really a PBRMaterial, not a PBRMetallicRoughness.

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