Incorrect rendering in Galaxy s7

Hello everyone!) Maybe someone came across, is not rendering properly on the Galaxy s7 browser S10 Chrome, have refreshed multiple times but still does not render corectly. It works correctly on relatively new phones.

want to recreate this in the playground so we can see what renders incorrectly?


At the same time, the Galaxy S8 normally displays

I have noticed some PixiJS code in there, which I assume is unneeded here. I took the liberty of creating a playground :

@Deltakosh - any known error that might influence this on older phones?

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No, he is needed there)) In the game, the girl is rendered in conjunction with the pixie scene

For your game, yes, but not for the bug reproduction. Or does it only appear when you use pixi?

I don’t know this, I didn’t check. If necessary, I can request this information

Would be an important piece of information, but I really assume it is not the case.

Found a few old issues with ths s7 gpu (for example . What browser are you using to test? does it appear with every browser?

As far as I was told, the problem only occurs in the Chrome browser

There is a know issue in some arm processor and the webgl support, could you try to disable webgl2 ?

@Deltakosh do you remember the feature to turn off on those devices ? I can not find the related thread anymore.

Also you might try engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false; if I remember correctly the issue was a bug in angle or the driver on ARM Mali processors…


iPhone Xs Max
On Samsung they said that the rules, but on the iphone now a little crooked))

Thanks to everyone :slight_smile: I will check what kind of phone it is, if it’s an iphone, then enable this option if there’s no knock