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Hey there forum!

I was trying to make some interesting shape for @Cedric’s cool challenge: Fibonacci Infinite loop contest - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (, but ended up getting carried away on the “shape” part… and ended up with a function that can be used to create all sorts of fun cube-inside-a-cube shapes :sweat_smile: I thought the community might find it useful so I’m sharing here! Feel free to use in your projects :smiley:

Complex Model | Babylon.js Playground (

[resize output image]
Rotating cubes | Babylon.js Playground (

In the end I didn’t like how they looked on the Fibonnacci loop so… back to the drawing board with that! :rofl:


I love the idea :heart_eyes: and I think you are on track attempting this kind of morph and imbrication of shapes for the challenge. I didn’t have time to work on it as of just now but I am also thinking of working shapes. I am sure you’ll find the correct way to use them for @Cedric 's infinite loop challenge.

Don’t try too hard though; I still hope to find some time to participate and in case, of course, I expect to win the challenge :grin:

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