Introducing the GUI Editor Alpha!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a update we had a couple of awesome fixes and features additions this week. The biggest one was the addition of the long desired color picker!!!

color picker


@msDestiny14 : watched a video on YouTube couple of days ago with you showing off the functionality of the editor. You seemed to have all the vitality and enthusiasm that @PirateJC has. Is there some pill being passed around that creates “awesomeness” ? :slight_smile:

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


For me the biggest current problem with GUI Editor is that I cannot use it without VPN.
(The same relates to the main page at
Forum and Playground use other hosting providers and currently I have no problems with them.
There were issues some time ago when PG was hosted at Netlify, but they disappeared completely after moving from Netlify to Azure (as far as I understand from IP addresses). Seems that the current problem is related to Google Cloud hosting.
I believe that in the nearest future nothing can be done with this issue but probably this information will be helpful :slight_smile:

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I think @RaananW is planning to move everything to Azure

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yes, everything will slowly (or fast!) move out of netlify and to azure.
Probably in a week or two.

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Great news! :slight_smile:

I discovered a few weeks back after watching a YouTube video. Very cool.

Unfortunately, the tool is broken and fails to load in any browser.

Specifically, it’s failing to load a JSON resource, due to an unhandled promise.
Other than this thread;

  • who’s watching the tool?
  • How does this audience reach out to the tools developers
    *Considering there’s 100’s of dev working on the project? What’s the best way to say hey the site is broken, please fix it?

Perhaps install some panic button in the project’s GUI that sends a message to the maintainers in slack?

@RaananW can you have a look ?

latest changes were deployed, should work now

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Hey @dzeitman. Like Raanan mentioned, we made change which required the site to be redeployed. Not super often but as the editor is still in development this can happen. As far as maintainers, I’m the main developer/ maintainer so I typically check daily. That being said you did an awesome thing and just let us know on the forum right here. :slight_smile:

On an exciting note! The change that was brought into the editor I’m super happy to announce we now have a transparent checkerboard background! This also now allowed you to set the color of the root container if you want to see how you GUI looks on different color backgrounds.
@Blake @Dad72 might be interested to see. :wink:


Hello @msDestiny14!
A little issue here. Resolution at 1920x1080. Thank you!

Boom! I mean it’s cut off! :slight_smile:

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I just realized what you meant after typing a giant paragraph. :smiley:

All good. Will play with the css and let you know. :slight_smile:

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No worries! :smiley:
Yep! Thank you!

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Love this community!

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Sounds good. I wasn’t the one who had to ask for this feature, but it seems useful.

My feature request was to be able to determine a default path for the output of the json file when clicking “save” to automate rather than choosing where to save this file. I would like this to be saved in a directory at the root of my project.

I was thinking of a parameter that we add in the initialization code of the GUI editor to make a default record in the directory of our choice. (without doing ‘save as’)

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This is something we were not able to control until recently. For @msDestiny14: we can change the save code in NME, GUI editor and particle editor with something like this (when supported):

// File system API
        if (fileType && windowsAsAny.showSaveFilePicker && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('OPR') === -1) {
            const options = {
                types: [
                        description: fileType,
                        accept: {
                            'text/plain': [".foo"]

            return windowsAsAny.showSaveFilePicker(options).then(async (fileHandle: any) => {
                const writable = await fileHandle.createWritable();
                // Write the contents of the file to the stream.
                await writable.write(data);
                // Close the file and write the contents to disk.
                await writable.close();

Data is a string here.

I copy/pasted it from Urzagatherer :smiley:


Is there any way or plans to have a way to intergrate the 3d GUI into the GUI Editor?


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There is a bug at the moment with guiEditor.
When we launch it (even with the demo) something is missing

Uncaught (in promise) LoadFileError: Error status: 404 Not Found - Unable to load GUIEditorNodeMaterial.json

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Hey @Dad72 make sure to refresh your cache. We redeployed the site last week with a major update so make sure you are up to date! If this error still persists, let is know because I am not seeing it on my end.

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