iOS Safari 16.4 issues with using width/height constraints with Video Texture

Hello all,

After working through various other issues relating to the recent iOS 16.4 release, I encountered one specifically with Safari (working in Chrome) on iOS 16.4.1:

When passing width/height media constraints to the VideoTexture.CreateFromWebCam call, specifically in combination with an environment facing camera, the resulting video texture seems to freeze after the first frame. I have a playground here demonstrating this problem:

(Run on iOS 16.4.1 Safari to see issue)

We’re using these same constraints in our application, which worked fine on Android and iOS devices up until after the iOS 16.4 update where now the issue is occurring in Safari. I can avoid passing in those constraints, but then I seem to have trouble getting the 1920x1080 resolution that we had working previously (defaults to 640x480).

Anyone else encounter this issue, or have any suggestions?


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I get the same thing, but even with the unbroken settings, the video is a bit off to the left… I guess there’s not much you can do and you have to wait until they release a fix (there are other things that are broken in 16.4.1, like anti-aliasing).

Thanks for the response! Yeah I was afraid that would be the case, I’ll raise an issue on Apple’s side and hope the next release includes a fix.