Ipad pro 2 loading bug

Hi, Friends. I have bug after scene loading at Ipad some textures are black


We will need more :slight_smile: like a repro or the console errors?

Sorry may be this question is obvious. But how can I watch console log at iPad?

You need web inspector enabled on the iPad’s safari and Developer Mode enabled on a mac’s Safari. Then you will see a develop menu when the iPad is connected by USB and able to inspect the sites you open on the iPad

There are plenty of sites the will explain in greater detail


First thing that pops to mind whenever dealing with iOS is memory limit. Try reducing texture size to 1k and less, and see if it changes anything.


It’s work nice, but am I rightly reduce texture size or u know more elegant solution.
this.optimizerOptions = new SceneOptimizerOptions(100, 500); this.optimizerOptions.optimizations.push(new TextureOptimization(0, 1024)); this.optimizer = new SceneOptimizer(this.scene, this.optimizerOptions); this.optimizer.start();

Can u give any suggestions how to improve iOS performance? A frame when my ball hits the block takes a lot of time.

Hmm, it’s hard to say without knowing the structure of your app. So what you saying is that when the ball hits the block, the fps drops? Did you test it on Android? Is there a same issue? Also how you implemented that interaction between the ball and blocks, how do you reflect the ball, are you using physics, and stuff like that. I cannot say much without more info, but pretty much, only thing that I’ve noticed with iOS are Texture sizes and memory limits. There were some issues with video before, and couple of AR things that I’ve encountered, but for your use case it seems that textures are only sure thing that I can say for sure can impact the performance.

If you can share a bit of your code and how you implemented interactions it might help.

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I was wrong, sorry. I tested a little bit more. I have 96 colored block and if it’s more all next blocks are black no matter what TextureOptimization size I put.

Yep I tested app on Windows, Android and performance is better(no freezes). For interaction I use physicsImpostors and Cannon js. I use AdvancedDynamicTexture for blocks and ball.

Can you try reducing the size of the textures in the Photoshop or something, not optimize it in the code itself? Just try reducing them to small resolution, for test purposes, if those blocks are still black, then it’s not the texture thing but something in how you implemented the code.

And yeah, without seeing the implementation and playing around with it it’s hard to say what’s going on. If you will we can jump on a call or a chat and try to brainstorm it.

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For me, this is definitely the way to go. When dealing with iOS and looking for backwards compatibility with say 11, I can only recommend to not exceed the X native retina resolution AND keep textures lower or close to 1mb. To do this with reasonable quality, your best option is to do it in PSD or similar. Eventually, use sharpening or smoothing/blur effect to compensate the loss of quality.

Once this is done and your texture are still black, you can start look at what your other problem is (because in this case, this is likely to be just another layer of issue)

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Thanks a lot for helping. I found the issue. I’ve created a lot of equals AdvancedDynamicTextures 1 texture for each block. Now i just referenced to it and all works fine.

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