This basic model import playground causes an iPhone device to crash. Please assist

I’m attempting to see this PG on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. All of the textures in my city model are less than 1k and are crashing (Safari/Chrome).

I think the main reason is probably that there are too many textures.Drawing textures takes up a lot of memory. You can try merging or deleting some textures to test.


Yeah, if you check on desktop, there are almost 500 textures:


How many texture is safe to be use accross all the devices?

That’s a hard thing to answer, it will vary greatly with devices, so I would say - as few as possible is the best bet :slight_smile:

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I reducing textures also not solving the problem
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200 is still quite a lot for mobile, can you reduce further?


What are the other factors apart from textures? for memory leaks?


It’s really hard to say and predict the number and size of textures that will work on IPhone.

Could you try to reduce all textures to max 1k res? Try to do it with like 512 to 1k texture size and check if it works. From my experience limiting resolution to MAX 1k works on IPhone. I didn’t have a situation though, where I had 200+ textures in the scene, so I am not sure if this limit to 1k will work. But for the test purpose I think it would be informative for all of us to see if that works.

Yes i verify all the texture max or below 1k.

have you ruled out the texture concern yet? Im a technical artist os sorts and can suggest the best next step to debug this is to jump to the extreme reduction , ie , remove all textures and test. If that runs , then you know its related to the textures. Then you can just test adding back in chunks at a time and testing again. If removing all textures didnt stop the crashing … then move on to a question like you have here asking about other stuff.